Lane Johnson’s words on anxiety and depression are the viral clip the NFL truly needs

This article originally appeared in Yahoo! Sports and was written by columnist Shalise Manza Young When a human being is 6-foot-6, 325 pounds, they are generally portrayed as invincible.  When a human being is 6-foot-6, 325 pounds and a three-time Pro Bowl honoree offensive lineman whose stock in trade is shedding oncoming and (sometimes equally…

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Coaching for Mental Health During Lockdown

These are tough times. Without school and sports, the increase in sedentariness and decrease in peer connection has created a problematic psychological cocktail. A member of our neighboring community recently lost his life to suicide. To suggest that any one thing led to his tragic passing would be an insult to the complexity of this…

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Inconvenient Truths in U.S. Public Health

We should prioritize our health and wellness, which will give us the best shot at fending off the virus, and we should do our best to adhere to public health recommendations, which will give us the best shot at limiting the spread of the virus.

We have to frame COVID as an essential public health concern, but not the only public health concern. This is a moment to maintain thoughtful perspective, not entrench ourselves in one side of the discussion or other.

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